We bring you India's first ever premium designer socks. Dynamocks is pioneering a new wave of creative socks lifestyle in India; we like to call them artistic socks. 


Being artistic & curious, we felt socks are not done justice to. Seeing that there are no real options for design-oriented socks for people who love art and colors, we developed a novel product for such trendsetters; leading to the rise of a whole new segment of socks in the country. 


Our goal is to spread socks trend awareness and bring freshness to the department of socks. We aim to offer art for what used to be boring socks and give our wearers more value for their everyday ensemble too.


We're a restless artistic team that loves to experiment and develop new designs and concepts by using graphics, mixed-media, paintwork and the likes to create artworks that connect to our users. We work for that 'aah' moment when people see and wear our socks.  Comfort and good fit forms the most essential part of our brand; we thus worked really hard to create a special blend that offers a great feel and amazing fit on wearing.


We are strong supporters of the philosophy 'together we grow', and thus collaborate with various talented artists, designers, models, photographers, fashion bloggers, RJs and VJs to create amazing work together. 


We're extremely excited to get on this journey of contributing to the fashion and lifestyle industry, and we invite you to join us and help us take the socks legacy ahead.


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